Job interview tips to help you get hired

We have researched and compiled these useful tips to help you prepare for your next job interview and help improve your chances of being hired.

Prepare for the job interview

Whether you are going to an intern, part time, full-time role, or graduate job role, it does not matter what type of job interview you are attending – either way it is essential to prepare beforehand. So how to prepare for a job interview?

Re-read the job listing and check the company’s website so that you can identify the skills and interests the interviewer will be looking for. Make sure you are prepared to demonstrate the skills and experience you possess that match up with the job requirements.Find out more about the company and their history. This may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but research has found that nearly 50% of interviewers would not offer the job to someone who did not research the position beforehand. This is because researching the company sh…
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